Can you do a day trip to the beach? Sure! As long as you aren’t too fussy about it. Pack a picnic lunch with tons of snacks and drinks and load the kids in the car. There are many beach options available for the north sea coast but my favorite is Blankenberge. The beach is long and the water is shallow. There are also restroom facilities available which are more difficult to find on more posh beaches. The water is cold but not terrible and the sand fleas are at a minimum.

Practical Information
Website: http://blankenberge.info/en/strand.php
Cost: Free if you find free parking
Parking: My favorite place to park is right along the tram line.
Set your GPS for A. Ruzettelaan 191, 8370 Blankenberge
Map of Blankenberge, print it off to help you with restrooms and emergency stations

Know before you go
There are shops along the boardwalk to buy food and grab a drink, but they are a bit touristy and pricy (and cramped!) so I advise bringing a cooler.
The bathrooms are located in front of the entrance to the pier (which is why we typically camp out near the pier).
Bring lots of buckets and shovels, there is so much sand to play with!
If you are being really impromptu and would like to grab food and supplies on the go, set your GPS to the Delhaize in Blankenberge: Polderlaan 1, 8370 Blankenberge
If you need anything sports-wise for your beach trip, you will pass by a giant Decathlon and Carrefour on the way there anyway. Blankenbergsesteenweg 420, 8000 Brugge



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