This Domain is quite popular so be warned that weekends can get a little crazy. Popular with the residents of Waterloo, this domain has a lot of space, so much space there is a little train that goes around the property. The train is free for children but 1.20 euro for adults. The playground is really fun, when not busy, and there is a nice pool. You can rent a paddle boat and head out on the water unless you have a child with no fear (me) and they would rather do canon balls off the side than stay in the boat. They also have little motor cars that kids can zoom around in.

Practical Information
Address: Torleylaan 100, 1654 Huizingen-Beersel
For the Domain
April to September 9am-8pm
October to March 9am until sunset
Pool and playground
April 1 to September 30 M-F 11am – 6pm Sat Sun 11am-7pm
Cost: The cost varies based upon where you live. It can be anywhere from 2.50 euro to 7.50 euro so make sure you bring your residence card.
The playground is 2.50 for adults and 1.50 Euro per child


*Pictures not from me, taken from Petit Moutard


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