This is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. There are three main sections to this Domaine: the playground, the fishlake/walking trails and the pool. The pool has two sections, one for small children and one for older children and adults. The one for children is only knee deep and is completely surrounded by glass so you can lay in the grass and still keep an eye on them knowing they can’t escape either.
The playground is fantastic. It does cost a small fee but what you are paying for is well maintained equipment and no trouble making bored teenagers. The playground is completely gated in with only one entrance/exit. There are benches to sit and read a book while the kids run wild. The playground offers equipment for children of all ages and also a large sand pit.
In addition to the playground and pool there is a large fishing pond, a cafe, and plenty of paths to bike and go for walks.

Practical Information
Website: http://www.brabantwallon.be/en/Tourisme-et-loisirs/domaines-provinciaux/domaine-provincial-du-bois-des-reves.html
Address: Allée du Bois des Rêves 1, 1340 Ottignies
For whole Domaine
October to March 8:30am-6pm
April, May, September 8:30am-7:30pm
June, July and August 8:30am-9pm
For Pool
June 15-August 31 10am-6pm
For Playground
Open all year 10am until close
Pool 2.70 euro for adults, 2.10 euro for children
Playground 1.20 euro per child, a year pass is available for 10 Euro per child
Parking 1 euro inside the gate however, free parking is available outside the gate (if there are spaces available)
Cash Only

Know before you go
European bathing suit rule! All males must have european style swimsuits (skin tight short shorts). If they wear board shorts or standard American looking suits, they will be asked to get out of the pool.
During the summer there are hot dogs available for sale in the pool area
The cafe on the property is nice but a bit pricey for what you get. Packing a lunch is the way to go.
I hope they have fixed this problem (I will be going back soon to check it out) but the only restroom available for the playground is all the way back at the cafe. This can be a long walk for a little one who can’t hold it but they were supposed to be fixing this last year.
Bring sand toys if you child likes to play in the sand. These little things always lead to fights.
There is plenty of space to go for walks in the woods or around the fishing lake, enjoy the day.




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