Ok so it is quite modern but if you need a way to kill some time, just make this short drive. The original castle was built in the 13th century but has been completely updated. To tour the grounds is free but the castle tour costs money (the garden is only 1 euro). If you have younger children, then you may want to skip the tour because it is one of those things where you just listen to a headset and walk around with a guide (meaning, chasing children). The castle does offer some community events throughout the year, like concerts and art exhibits. If you like castles then you may want to get a copy of their event calendar.
The grounds are large and also nice to walk/run around during the good weather.

Practical Information
Address: Kasteelstraat 40, 1750 Gaasbeek
Costs: Parking is free, Admission for the tour is 8 Euro for adults 1 euro for people under 26.
Hours: The park is open 8am to 8pm.
The castle is open from 31 March 2013 through 3 November 2013, every day except Mondays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last admission at 5 p.m.). Open on public holidays.

Know before you go
At the entrance to the park, there is a brasserie (Brasserie Graaf van Egmond). Don’t eat there with kids. Expensive and not a large selection.
Across the street from the castle grounds is a cafe type place that has playground equipment. I wouldn’t call it the cleanest of all places but it is practical. If you don’t want to pack a lunch, this is the place to grab some food.
If you have kids under the age of 7, I suggest not doing the tour. It is an hour long and you can not skip ahead, so you will be trapped in a room with the tour guide waiting for everyone else to finish their audio presentation before you can move on to the next place. Which leaves lots of time for little ones to get bored and start wanting to touch everything.
The park surrounding the castle is a good place for little ones to practice their bike riding skills. Beware of a few hills though.

After visiting the castle, take a trip down the road to Waterhoff dairy for ice cream!




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