The natural science museum can be a bit tricky to get to with minimal parking and a long walk from the closest metro stop but it has plenty of hands on activity to help make up for it. The dinosaur room is full of giant iguanadon skeletons and can hold young children’s interest for a little bit of time. But, as soon as they start growing restless or start running around the place you can scoot over to the hands on displays where they can learn about certain parts of the natural world. It is not as amazing as Technopolis but they do have a good time.

Practical Information
Website: http://www.naturalsciences.be/
Address: Rue Vautier 29, 1000 Brussels
Closed Mondays
Tuesday through Friday 9.30am-5pm
Saturday/Sunday 10am-6pm
School holidays 10am-6pm
Closed 1 Jan, 1 May and 25 Dec
Cost: Adults 9.50 Euro, Children 5 and older 7 Euro, Children under 5 – Free

Know before you go. The parking lot is small so plan your parking before hand using google maps. You can check your coat and your bag at the coat check station. There is a cafe located near the entrance for a quick snack.




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