Caves and animals! The Grotte de Han (Han Caves) is a beautiful natural wonder. For those who have been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, this may stir up old memories. You can read all about the place on the website so I will just fill you in on personal details. You board a train which wisks you to the cave entrance. Then you get off and pick your line. French or Flemish. If you don’t speak either, just pick the shortest line. A tour guide will take you through the cave from room to room pointing out various things. If you have small children make sure to stay at the back because a few of the over eager visitors may try to push you along, even though you are trying to make sure your child doesn’t slip off a ledge. After the cave tour there is a light and music show inside the last hall of the cave. After the show you exit out through bridges and steep steps while your tour guide has his hand out looking for tips (a euro will do). Then you come out to a giant field with a petting zoo, playground equipment, a cafe and places to relax.
If the cave is not your thing, or you want to pack in a full day of things to do, there is also the safari park. The safari park has two options, bus or walking, but both require bus travel in the beginning. The bus departs at the same place the train leaves for the caves. The travel bus will zoom you around the park, stopping here and there for pictures, the walking bus will drop you off at the top of the hill and let you walk at your own pace. Once you reach the end, a bus will again then pick you up and take you either to the playground or back to the point of origin.

Practical Information
Website: http://www.grotte-de-han.be/en
Address: Domaine des Grottes de Han – 2, rue J. Lamotte 5580 Han-Sur-Lesse
Hours and prices: Consult the website since their days of operation vary as well as their hours

Know before you go
Know your children. The brochure advertises the cave trip as approximately an hour long. Our trip took almost two hours. By the time we got out of there, they were starving and had to use the bathroom really bad.
There is a bathroom available inside the leaving point that costs 50 euro cents. Force your kids to go before you leave.
Also, if your child is afraid of the dark, the caves may not be a good idea.
The light show at the end can be completely exciting and fascinating to some children and scare the hell out of others. Be warned.
At the exit of the cave the tour guide will say something with enthusiasm, everyone will answer back OUI! or YA! and plug their ears with their fingers. Make sure you do the same. They shoot a canon off inside the cave every time a tour group leaves. Hopefully your children won’t have full bladders at this point, but if they do, warn them about the loud noise with huge smiles!
The playground is nice but pretty spread out, sometimes this may be hard to keep an eye on them.
There is a circus tent near the playground, just stay out of there, tourist trap.
You can buy your tickets online, I’d do that to save any stress and long lines.
If you can find free parking, great, but if not there is a pay lot that is safe. The signs will direct you.






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