It has a fully fenced in playground! Those of us with small children know what a blessing this is. The only problem you may have is reminding older children (and adults) to close the door behind them. There is also a nice large sand pit for young children to sit and dig until they’re exhausted.

Practical Information
Open: Sunrise to Sunset
Address: Charles Lemairestraat 1160 Oudergem, Belgium

Know before you go
There are no restrooms at this park. Or anywhere nearby.
There is a large hill that goes from the upper part of the playground to the lower part of the playground. This hill is steep and concrete… and lands on concrete.
I want to find the designer of this park and shake some sense into him. Other than that it is a great park but the equipment is definitely for children 3 and over who also are quite agile.
Sand, sand, sand, so wear shoes that come on and off easily and skip the socks.

This is the little hill I’m talking about. See the sand at the bottom, that is just a fine layer covering concrete. The concrete hill is steep and slippery and two children went to the emergency room last season because they fell backwards while trying to run up it and cracked their head on the concrete. I detest this design and want to find the childless architect who designed it.





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