We had a great time going to Technopolis. All of the hands on science is a dream for nerdy parents like myself. There are so many objects in the day to day life of a child that they are “not allowed to touch”. The look on my kids’ faces when I said, you can touch EVERYTHING was priceless. The building is broken down into many sections including an upper and lower part. When you enter, younger children will have a great time going to the right, across the skywalk to the section more suited to them. Older children will want to run downstairs and play with all the gadgets. The indoor park is broken into 7 themes, Air & Wind, Building Blocks, Waterside, House, Invisible, Space Travel, Action/reaction and Science garden.
The younger section includes a pizza shop, a grocery store, an ambulance, a car garage, building blocks, a learning garden, and lots of hands on toys. The older section has a moon gravity jump, mechanical machines, learning about electrical circuits/physics, being in a rock band, the digestive system (you’ll see what I mean) and all sorts of other things.
Near the cafeteria there is a huge water works station. My children played in this section a full hour alone and were mad when we had to leave. I love this place and it is also a great place to take company (grandparents/aunts/uncles) when they come in to town and want to do something with the children.

Practical Information
Address: Technologielaan 2800 Mechelen
Hours: Open every day from 9:30-5pm, except the first week in September when it is closed
Adults/children (over 12) – 12.90 Euro
Children (3-11 years old) – 10.40 Euro
Children under 3 – Free
Season pass available for 35.50 Euro for adults, 28 Euro for children.
Website: http://www.technopolis.be/eng/index.php?

Know before you go
Make sure you bring a change of clothes and possibly socks and shoes because of the giant water table. They are going to get wet.
There is a cafeteria so no need to bring food.
On the ramps between the upper and lower floors there is a fireman slide pole. Fun for older kids, trouble for young toddlers, be aware there is nothing blocking the fall to the ground.




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