Free is the way to be. This park is a nice loop around the pond and a great place to feed ducks, geese, swans and coots. There are families and older people who visit this park frequently so it keeps the younger teenagers out. Park along the Boulevard, just remember to bring your stale bread.

Address: Tenreuken Park, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

Know before you go
The park is surrounded by roads but luckily there is some distance between the roads and the park (unlike most parks!) so you will have to keep little ones in sight but not right up next to you.
There is a small gazebo at the back of the park that sometimes will have a youngster or two smoking in it. I normally just shoot them the evil eye and move on.
The park path is not fit for a bike. It is too narrow and there are hills at the back. Plus, if they miscalculate they could end up in the lake.
The swans can be rather aggressive. Keep them at bay by throwing the bread far away from the littlest of children.
If the goose or the swans start hissing at you, hiss back and challenge by standing tall and moving towards them. Show them who is the alpha.
There is not a playground at this park, however, the playground is located at the Seny park across the street.




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