Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This place is quiet. Which can sometimes not be a good thing for small children. I drove out to this domaine to let my children burn off some energy, only to find it spookily quiet. It has great walking paths and an ok playground but it was just SO quiet. I found myself telling my children to be quiet constantly…on the playground, because people were looking. If you are headed out that way for some reason, I would recommend dropping by to play but I wouldn’t necessarily make a special trip out to see this domaine.

Practical Information
Website: http://domainehelecine.be/en/le-parc.html
Address: Rue Armand Dewolf 2, 1357 Hélécine
Hours: November-February 9am-5pm, March-October 6am-9pm
Cost: Free, except the playground which charges 1 Euro per child

Know before you go
(whisper) if you are in the process of teaching your child to respect their surroundings with their volume, this is a great place to take that opportunity. The playground is ok but pretty worn.




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