This family run dairy is a great place to teach young children about where dairy products originate. It is a short but picturesque drive out to their small farm. The owners of the farm are extremely welcoming and have a well run and clean store on the premises. It feels strange the first time you visit that you are simply allowed to walk into the cow barns and have a chat with a big mama or baby cow but you are encouraged to do so. In addition to the great store which sells ice cream, ice cream cupcakes, puddings, butter, mousses, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit and juices (and of course milk) there is a shaded terrace outside to sit and enjoy your purchases. During the weekends they have an extensive drink menu complete with waitresses. I normally visit during the week to avoid any crowds. The employees speak french, dutch and english and are always helpful and kind.

Practical information
Website: http://www.waterhofgaasbeek.be/
Address: Donkerstraat 8, 1750 Gaasbeek
The dairy store
Closed Wednesdays
Opens Thursdays at 12:00
Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9am-7:30pm (7:00pm in the winter)
Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 2:30pm-7:30pm (4pm-6:30pm in the winter)
Table service
March 29-October 31
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and School holidays 2:30pm-7:00pm, closed Wednesdays even during holidays
Cost: Free unless you want to buy delicious products and drinks, minimum 25 euro to run a bank card. Under 25 cash only.

Know before you go
The hours are pretty specific so make sure you plan your journey accordingly. This is a great place to stop by after a visit to Gaasbeek castle. If you go through a door to the left of the store you will get to see the milking robot from behind a piece of glass. Even as an adult I find it pretty fascinating. Also, remember, this is a real working dairy so it is going to smell like cow poop and flies will be in the barns. During the week, often you may be the only visitor but don’t be shy, go on in and enjoy teaching your children about ethical farming.




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