I’m a sucker for the Ardennes, I love it. The air is just so fresh and clean, nature at its best. This educational park is located in a large forest with a large playground, climbing walls, a worm box (my daughter loves worms) and lots of paths to run around. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s nature, that comes with a cafe that serves alcohol. What more could you want out of a Saturday trip?

Practical Information
Website: http://www.parcchlorophylle.com/uk/projet_uk.php
Address: Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais 60 6960 Manhay
Hours: July and August 10-6pm, all other months 10-5pm
Cost: 6 euro for adults, 4.80 euro for children 3-12
Map of park: http://www.parcchlorophylle.com/uk/animations_uk.php

Know before you go
No dogs allowed
The menu at the cafe is fairly reasonably priced so don’t bother lugging out a cooler and a packed lunch unless you really would like to (ex, kids menu: sandwiches are 4 euro, meatballs and fries 6 euro). But I would bring snacks and water from home.
The park is designed to walk around in a set path explaining things in the natural world, but if the kids are just not into it, you can go straight to the playground with no problems.


Parc chlorophylle


*Pictures taken from website


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