Brussels park, the large one in front of the Royal Palace is quite busy. It is bordered by Rue Royale, Rue de la Loi, Rue Ducale, and Place des Palais. Often used as a base for festivals, concerts and central Brussels activities, it is a lively place to be. As far as children goes, it has some nice features. During the summer there is a waffle, ice cream, snack and drink stand at the southwest end (close to the palace) and there is a restroom in that building. It is scary but functional. There is a playground, water fountains and statues. The playground is not great but not awful. I use this park whenever we have guests in town and I’m giving the nickel tour of Brussels. If I have the kids with me, they need a break from all the organized walking and talking. The park is easy to get to from public transport. Lines 92, 94, 1, 2, 5, and 6 (stops Parc or Arts-Loi) will all get you straight there. It is also easy to drive to and although you will probably need to pay to park, “most” of the time close parking is available (between the Royal Palace and the front entrance on what I call “haul-ass blvd”).
The playground has swings, slides, a climbing net, a real see-saw (bottom bumping kind) and toddler sized toys.

Practical Information
Address: Brussels Park 1000 City of Brussels (1 Place des Palais, 1000 Brussels if you want a real address to type in)
Website: http://www.brussels.be/artdet.cfm/5460
April 1 to September 30 6am-10pm
October 1 to March 31 7am-9pm
Cost: Free, unless the kids convince you to buy them a waffle

Know before you go
This is a very central, very public park. That is a nice way for me to say there are ALL kinds that stay (and live during the day) in this park. I have never had a problem in the playground though but we did see future children being made on a bench once.




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