I’m talking about the “park” park of this park. Yes there are a few museums attached but I’m staying focused on the green space. Well, the good news is there is a lot of room to run in this park. The park itself is a huge space in the city. The bad news is there is only one sad little playground and a large section of the park covered in dog poo. To be honest, because that’s how we roll here, the BEST thing to do at this park is to get your children to pose for a picture in front of the arches, slap it on Facebook, and make your friends back home jealous. Other than that, stick to the museums inside if your children are into that, make them run laps around the fountain to tire them out (guilty) or head for something more fun.

Practical Information
Address: Avenue de la Renaissance 1000 Brussels
Cost: Free

Know before you go
Seriously, watch out with the dog poo. It is everywhere, but especially a small section of grass where all the dogs are playing fetch with their owners. Normally, one would not allow their child to run into that space in the first place but if they get away from you, oh man, you are in for a smelly ride home.


That’s it folks.

This may or may not be a child guillotine, I’m not sure.


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