I must admit Gaudron is one of my favorite places to eat. It is laid back, easy and the food is always good. For children, the menu may look a bit scary but if they are willing to eat off your plate the first time they visit, they will know the food is good. You can order directly off the menu or you can order their “formula” which consists of 4 salads and a protein. It is A LOT of food. If your child eats salads (quinoa, tabouleh, orzo, chicken etc) this will be an easy option for you. It is more than enough food to split with your child. If they are picky (ah hem, my children) their pastas are always good. If they are super picky (I have one) then just order a milk shake and call it a day. The other things I like about this restaurant is that they have a grab and go as well as serve breakfast (like REAL American breakfast) and the front half of the restaurant is actually takeout. So, even if you don’t want to dine here (kids be crazy) then you can order your food by the serving and take it home/to a park.

Practical Information
Address: 3 Place G.Brugmann, 1050 Ixelles
Website: http://www.gaudron.be/restaurant
Hours: 7am-8pm Non-stop (WOOHOO)
Cash and Cards accepted

Know before you go
The female waiters can be a bit snippy. This is not a one time observation. They also make the best Lait Russe in town. There is a terrace to sit on but I wouldn’t with kids not confined to a stroller. Place Brugmann is busy and there is not anything preventing wild children from running into the street. The grab and go in the front also sells packaged foods. Feel free to grab it, buy it and give it to your kids while you sit down and eat your lunch. If they are having a bad day, cereal bars, bread or a pudding cup may be the way to go.


**Pictures taken from bestofbrusselsblog.com


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