It has a great view eh? At the top of the Museum of Musical Instruments is a mid-sized cafe. The food is not spectacular but you go to eat at the MIM just to pretend like eating out with children in this city is easy. Walk in, take a ticket, go up to the 10th floor in a pretty cool elevator and get seated. I called ahead for a reservation (habit) but I saw many people who did not have one get seated. It is yet another Restaurant Nouvelle but again, kid friendly. The children are kept busy with endless bread (and maybe my iPhone, ok yes and the iPad too) but at least they will eat their food. You can choose chicken or meatballs with fries. My kids ate all the fries but none of the chicken because it was covered in a sauce. You can ask to get it on the side, I’ll do that next time. On the weekends they host a brunch, reservations are mandatory.

Practical Information
Address: The top floor of the Museum of Musical Instruments – Rue Montagne de la Cour 2, 1000 Bruxelles
Website: http://www.restauration-nouvelle.be/EN/place.asp?id=mim
Hours: Closed Mondays
Open from 9:30am – 4:30pm M-F
Saturday & Sunday: Brunch 10am-3pm
Phone: 02 502 95 08
Menu: http://www.restauration-nouvelle.be/media/mim/Menu-MIM.pdf

Know before you go
I swear there are only two waitresses handling the whole floor so when you get a hold of one, do your asking in bulk. Can I get some more bread, another glass of wine and the check. I can’t recommend sitting out on the terrace with small children because although it is safe, it can get windy, hot, cold, noisy etc. All those things that set kids off.

X9A-915269 - © - Kevin George

**Taken from some guy’s flickr album


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