One of the cities best kept secrets is Parc D’Egmont. Situated at the end of Avenue Louise it hides because people are too busy looking at the (never going to be finished) Palais de Justice or on their way to the Sablon. Parc D’Egmont boasts having the Peter Pan statue, just like Kensington Park in London. But to me, the best part of this park is the restaurant attached to it. L’Orangerie which is part of the Restaurant Nouvelle chain has consistently good (better than average) food. They have a child’s plate (but will make you pasta with ham and cheese if you ask really nicely) and the service is decent. I will warn that calling ahead for a reservation is best but if you look desperate enough, and you come early enough you will be able to sit. There is no playground in this park but it is completely surrounded so the kids can just run free. Still keep them within-sight-free, but still they can go nuts while you eat/drink like a adult. The restaurant is pricy so either eat smart (why yes I am just ordering soup and I have a waterbottle from home right here), have that out of town guest pick up your tab, or go for it.

Practical Information
Address: Parc D’Egmont, 1000 Brussels
Parking: Park in the Poeilart underground parking garage in front of the Palais de Justice, walk over.
Phone number for the restaurant: 02 513 99 48
Restaurant Menu: http://www.restauration-nouvelle.be/media/orangerie-du-parc-d-egmont/Menu-Orangerie-du-parc-d-Egmont.pdf
Hours: (Restaurant) M-F 10:30am-4:30pm, Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11-3:30pm Brunch Menu Only

Know before you go
Great place to take guests! Waiters can be a bit busy so don’t feel bad about asking for extra bread to keep the kids busy.



**Pics taken from BrusselsPictures.com


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