Parc Faider is not a park you would just stumble upon while driving around and think, huh, I should go there sometime. This park is located behind townhomes and you have to take a long path down a walk way to get to it. Located in Ixelles it is one of those places not many people talk about because they don’t want too many people to be there. It has a very small playground but room to run around. Since it is situated in townhomes the hours of the park are strict so be observant.

Practical Information
Address: Rue Faider 86, 1050 Ixelles (but the place to get in is at about 116 Rue de Livourne)
April 1 – August 31 9am to 8pm
September 1 – October 1 9pm to 6pm
November 1 – March 31 9pm to 5pm

Know before you go
Parking can be a nightmare, if you see a place grab it, if not keep circling or even better, just take Tram 94 and get off at stop Bailli.



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