There is a playground. That is what everyone kept telling me, finally I found it. But it is quite the quest to get there, depending where you park. Tournay Solvay is another one of those hidden gems in Brussels. It is such a quiet and large park, you wonder why not too many people mention it. On the property there are two large manicured gardens (starting in late spring), a haunted house (ok, it is just an old mansion that is fenced off but the thing gives me the creeps), lakes and lots of up and down walking.
There are two places to park. One is at the (STILL under construction) Boitsfort train station if you can find a space. And the second is down a small dirt road off of Chaussee de la Hulpe. Go ahead, drive down the dirt road. It is weird, you feel like you are breaking a law. You probably are but that is the only way to get to the little parking lot at the end.

Practical Information
Address: Gare de Boitsfort Station, 1170 Watermael Boitsfort
Website: http://www.opt.be/informations/tourist_attractions_watermael_boitsfort__park_tournay_solvay/en/V/17547.html
Cost: Free
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Know before you go
I would not recommend a stroller or pram. The paths are muddy, bumpy, rocky, steep and unless you have one with all terrain wheels and steering, you’re not going to have a good time. There are no restrooms or food available. But it is deep in forest land and sometimes you got to do what you got to do.
To get to the playground find the walled in garden. The one that is the square (not the circle). Walk through it, and when you emerge turn to the right and go under the train tracks. You will find the playground on the right. It is not spectacular but the fun of the outing is in the adventure of getting there.







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