Yes, Cook & Book is probably the most popular place in the city to eat with children. Not only do they have a child’s menu, but after you finish eating they can head upstairs to the children’s book store. It serves breakfast until noon and is also a great place to meet up with friends. The food is constantly good and the staff is always friendly. Free bread is a plus for picky eaters and what child doesn’t want to eat in the same room with a Superman, Spiderman and Smurf statue.
The restaurant/bookstore is divided into two sections. Block A and Block B. Block A is the busiest and has the hours listed below here, while Block B has different hours and a slightly different menu. Both Blocks have children’s dishes and are child friendly. Outside of Cook & Book there are a few little playground toys (not overly exciting) but it is something for the kids to bob around on to wear off some of that energy.
Consult the website for specific information. You will love going here. I always recommend a reservation, especially on the weekends, even if it is to give them a 30 minute heads up.

Practical Information
Website: http://www.cookandbook.be
Address: Place du Temps Libre 1, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
Right at the 1 line Roodebeek stop
Monday through Wednesday 8am-10pm
Thursday through Saturday 8am-Midnight
Sunday 8am-9pm
Block A – http://www.cookandbook.be/pdf/C-B_menu_blocA.pdf
Block B – http://www.cookandbook.be/pdf/C-B_menu_blocB.pdf

Know before you go
The restaurant/book store is just that, a fully functional book and comic book store so be warned. If the children decide to get up and walk around, make sure they do not touch or open up any of the books on the shelves, you will be charged for them if their ketchup fingers get on them. They do offer some comics on the tables that they are free to look through.
The children’s book section on the top floor mainly has books in French and Dutch. If you would like some children’s books in English, go back to Block B to the “English Tea Room” section and you will find them in the back corner.
Parking can be tricky but for a for sure place, park at the Woluwe Mall across the street and walk over either underground through the Metro walkway or above ground. Above ground, watch out and obey the traffic cross walks, those drivers are crazy at that intersection (I always go underground!).




*Pictures taken from Bon Voyage online magazine


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