“Restaurant Américan!”, “Tex Mex!” they proclaim. Ok, they are trying at least. The food is not fantastic but it is not terrible. This is the place you go when you need to get dinner for your kids at a normal child eating hour. There aren’t too many restaurants in this town that are open around 5-6 pm nor are there a lot that are open non-stop during the day. So that has a plus. But, it is definitely not a place you would take out-of-town guests who want a taste of American food because, well, like I said, they are trying really hard (bless their hearts…). They do have a larger than normal children’s menu of spaghetti, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken strips, with fries and apple sauce.

Practical Information
Address: Place Georges Brugmann 21, 1050 IXELLES
Website: http://www.resto.com/balmoral/
Closed Mondays
Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am-7pm
Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday/Sunday 9am-7pm
Menu: http://www.resto.be/restaurant/preview/cms/6080


Le Balmoral00005



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