For those nature nerds like me, you may even want to visit here without the kids. Between Tervuren and Overijse you will find a large plot of the forest that was commissioned in 1902 to display a global variety of trees. Now, I for one am against species introduction into established ecosystems but hey, it is pretty neat. There is a guide book and a map of the walking trails available but the paths overly complicated. You’re not really going to get lost but it is a good idea to keep your GPS on your phone active. Kids will love to run and run but I wouldn’t expect the younger ones to go OH! A Sequoia! But, you never know.
One late morning I was driving down this little road in the forest past the arboretum. There was still a bit of fog in the air but the sun had broke through the clouds. I looked to my left and had one of those actual “Inhale Gasp” moments. The sun beams hit the fog and cascaded light all into the forest and lit up the trees and ground. I can’t believe I had no device with me to capture that scene.

Practical Information
Address: This is tricky, check the map out to figure out how to get there. You can try to put this into your GPS, hopefully yours will accept it. Koninklijke Wandeling, 3080 Tervuren. Essentially, you drive to Tervuren, go to through some neighborhood streets to the right of the centre and you will start driving on a one way street into the forest, then you will find it.
Website: http://www.arboretum-tervuren.be/Pages/accueilen.htm
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset, everyday
Map: http://www.arboretum-tervuren.be/Images/arboplantotal.jpg
Cost: Free!

Know before you go
Especially after rainfall, make sure your kids are wearing light weight rainboots, it can get pretty soupy. There are wild mushrooms in this forest, some poisonous. Talk to them before hand about not eating anything or picking anything. This is not a closed fenced in well manicured arboretum, this is the real deal. Therefore, be cautious of any wild animals, although I have never heard of anyone getting injured here due to an angry weasel. Just an FYI.





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