Not exactly an appealing name for a restaurant. However, the food is pretty good! When we went to eat there we were pleased to see many young children sitting along side their parents chowing down on good italian food. Also, the waitresses and hostess were so nice to all the kids. The menu is large for a restaurant in Brussels and there were plenty of options for children’s food. They also serve a buffet. Next door is a smokey bar called Il Fatto but they do offer take away pizza and places to sit in the back. When the weather is nice there is a terrace. When you call to make a reservation make sure you let them know that you would like to eat in the restaurant (La Fattoria) and if you have children coming with you. They may have a lemonade ready for them when you arrive.

Practical Information
Website: http://www.ilfatto.be/fattoria/PAGE_Accueil/sjQAACUhYYJHWGVLVkp6UFBIAwA?WD_ACTION_=MENU&ID=M7
Address: 1-3 Boulevard du Souverain 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort Brussels
Hours: Monday – Saturday : 12-3:30pm & 6-11:30pm Sunday: 12-3:30pm




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