Yes strange name, again, sounds like something to describe a baby’s routines. But this fun amuzement park is a nice day trip adventure inside of Belgium (an hour and a half drive from Brussels). There are lots of fun things to do for smaller children and they have a bobsled ride (my children’s favorite activity). They also have a monkey island, animal farm, and a roller coaster for the small ones. I like that on the website, there is a tool that allows you to put in your child’s height and it will tell you up front what they are allowed to go on in the park. This makes planning easier and can help you talk to them about what they will be going on (and won’t be going on).

Practical Information
Website: http://www.plopsa.be/plopsa-coo/en
Address: Coo 4 4970 Stavelot (about an hour and a half drive)
Hours: Consult the calendar! But basically, they open March 30th for the season on the weekends and are open everyday 10-6 during the summer months.
Cost: Free for babies, 10 Euro for under 1 meter, 25 (21 if bought online) Euro for everyone above 1 meter tall


Coo bobslee





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