Hello. I am a mom of 4 year old twins. And it is true, preschoolers are awkward aren’t they? They are past the toddler stage of being content to play with a stick, but aren’t mature enough to hold the attention span of an art museum. They still have tantrum indulging meltdowns but can be reasoned with. They are potty trained but the timer is ticking as to how quickly you must find facilities.
We moved to Brussels in January of 2012 during a frigid and dark time. Since that time we emerged and embraced all that Belgium has to offer. I created this blog because I noticed a pattern. Many websites and other blogs out there had links of what to do in this country for children, but few had SUGGESTIONS. The places that I write about in this blog we have actually visited or know someone who has actually visited them.
Another problem I found is that when I looked up things to do for children in Brussels they fell into two categories: baby babies or much older/mature children. I wish that my children would be able to visit the Magritte Museum and stare at the paintings in awe and wonder or gaze into a well manicured garden with appreciation, but, no, they’d rather run as fast as possible or throw rocks. We need activities that are either outdoor, physical, or brief in order for them to have a good time.
I hope you enjoy my suggestions and please leave comments or suggestions of your own!


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  1. So glad that I just found your blog! We are moving to Brussels next week and I have three and a half year old twins so I will be relying on your info as we explore this summer!

  2. Thanks for your web, it’s really helpful for parents with kids! i just wanted to suggest you a MUST: Pairi Daiza, definitely the best zoo I’ ve ever visited!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Some of them were new for me and we are going to try in near future with my 4-years old son 🙂

    From my side: I would suggest to go to Pairi Daiza zoo (http://www.pairidaiza.eu/en) It is much more than a zoo!! It is a team park with wild animals without cages around you. They have a feed timetable, when you could feed giraf, monkey or sloth: Once or twice a day the elephants are doing small performance (not too much tricks, but children really like it).

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